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Our office is now offering this exciting new technology, and we would love to help you discover if we can provide relief for your symptoms. We have integrated the Neurolens evaluation into our standard comprehensive eye exam and if you are a candidate, we will be able to demonstrate to you what relief finally feels like.


The brain is constantly in communication with your two eyes, keeping them both aligned and in-sync to allow you to see the world with depth and without double vision. For some of us, the eyes can be misaligned to a degree where your brain struggles to maintain a balanced alignment. Without this balance, some of us experience constant headaches, migraines, tension in and around the eyes, dizziness, and even neck stiffness. Ten years of research into headaches and their associated visual symptoms yielded a revolutionary new lens treatment, the Neurolens.


Neurolens therapy helps to correct this misalignment at the distances where you need the most help, either at far, on the computer, or for handheld reading. For some, Neurolens therapy is incorporated into progressive lenses to help at all distances.


Eyecare providers have always been focused on providing clarity to their patients, but now Lumen Optometric in Sierra Madre takes it one step further, we aim to provide clarity and comfort. To us, clarity means nothing without comfort.


Our goal is to help your eyes and head feel less tortured at the end of the day and to also reduce/eliminate the amount of pain medication you take on a routine basis.


If you suffer from the symptoms above or know someone who does, contact us for a Neurolens evaluation.


What makes this any different than the glasses I might have worn in the past?

The difference is in the technology and the visual experience. Neurolenses utilize patented technology that offers variable assistance with your misalignment at your prescribed working distance. There is no lens on the market that offers the same technology. If you are a candidate for Neurolenses, you will have the opportunity to see and, most importantly, feel the Neurolens difference at the end of your exam. We keep several sets of sample Neurolens prescriptions on hand for demonstration purposes.

How do you measure my misalignment?

We utilize a sophisticated instrument named the SightSync to measure your eye misalignment at varying distances. Our doctor uses this information along with specialized in-office testing to create a lens that helps with your specific symptoms.

How quickly can I expect my symptoms to improve?

Most of our patients notice an improvement within the week, although patients with extremely chronic conditions can take six to eight weeks before sustaining an improvement.

Are there any side effects to the Neurolenses?

First-time Neurolens-wearers typically report feeling lighter, as if there’s less of a burden on their head/neck/shoulders/eyes. But, as with any new type of lens wear, you may feel disoriented for about a week as your brain adapts.


We are the only clinic in the San Gabriel Valley that offers this technology. In fact, we are the 60th clinic in the world to offer the Neurolens! If you live in the city of Sierra Madre, Arcadia, or Pasadena, schedule an appointment and allow us to see if we can provide some relief.