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From the very moment you open your eyes in the morning, imagine being able to see and experience the world while being free of glasses and contacts. Experience a new quality of life with Corneal Reshaping Therapy (CRT).


CRT is an FDA-approved, non-surgical treatment that corrects your vision by gently reshaping your eyes while you sleep with custom CRT lenses. When you remove the CRT lenses after waking, you will experience clear vision for all day and night.


Whether you are a child or an adult, your resulting vision with CRT will be very clear, but our approach in treating your vision differs greatly.


Our goal with pediatric CRT is to protect the health of your child’s eyes. We have one chance to slow or stop myopia and that’s when your child’s prescription is low. When CRT lenses are custom designed for the purpose of slowing myopia and are worn nightly, we can often slow the progression by at least 40-50% while still providing your child with clear vision without having to wear daytime glasses or contacts.

Why is slowing myopia important?

We once believed the worst part of myopia was declining vision and yearly need for stronger glasses. We now know there’s more to worry about than ever-thickening lenses. The latest research shows a very strong correlation between certain blinding diseases and an increased myopic prescription. See below for visual examples of these blinding diseases in addition to the odds that one will develop these diseases based on the level of myopia (click image to enlarge):

The data above was collected from the analysis of a large, random population sample to analyze which eye diseases occur more often with myopic eyes. Most of these blinding diseases typically emerge in the fifth decade of life, so you have the option to make a choice now while your child has a low prescription. Protect them now and the health benefits will carry forward for the rest of their lives.

How we fit CRT differently

Lumen Optometric is the only office in the San Gabriel Valley that designs WAVE CRT lenses directly from the shape of your child’s eyes.  Since the parameters are personalized, we ensure maximum control of the prescription, unlike the off-the-rack options that cannot be customized in the same manner to guarantee maximum myopia control.


For parents who are interested in keeping their children’s eyes healthy, please reach out to us and we can send you an e-book with more information.


For adults, CRT is a great option if you want freedom from glasses or daytime contacts, are physically active, suffer from contact-related dry eye or want the benefits of laser surgery without the risk of any permanent side effects.

How does it work exactly?

We design custom-fit WAVE CRT lenses that mold your eyes while you sleep, resulting with clear wakeful vision once you remove the contacts. Your lenses will be designed to provide clear vision from the moment you wake up until bedtime. Some CRT patients can go two days with full clarity with only one night’s worth of wear. (click image to enlarge)

Is it safe?

CRT has been proven to be safe by the FDA and through numerous studies. The lenses are only worn for 7 to 8 hours while sleeping, unlike traditional soft contacts which are typically worn 10 to 24 hours.

My eyes are dry with soft contacts, will CRT help
with dryness?

Yes!  With CRT, lenses are not worn throughout the day so your eyes will not feel dry as they would with soft contacts.

How many times do I need to wear CRT lenses before
I see clearly?

Depending on your prescription and corneal elasticity, full correction can take one to two weeks. Patients are often happy after a few nights of wear, but in cases with high prescriptions, full clarity may take three to four weeks. The transition to full clarity is eased with temporary loaner glasses in the interim. Once you arrive at a stable point, nightly wear will maintain your clear vision.

Are there age limitations?

Definitely not. As long as your prescription, eye health, sleep schedule, visual needs, and visual expectations are all in line with what CRT can offer, there are no age limitations. Besides for being the only provider in the San Gabriel Valley to design 100% custom CRT lenses, we also take great care in the CRT learning process with the patient training considered complete only when you are 100% comfortable.